Build high-performance TCP servers in minutes!

ProstoServer is a precision-written library that enables the user to develop servers quickly and easily. It manages client connections, sends and receives data asynchronously and organizes a pool ofthreads.

Unique to ProstoServer is the Input/Output Completion Port (IOCP) mechanism that its work is based on. Commonly acknowledged to be the most powerful tool for building servers in Windows OS, this mechanism allows ProstoServer to serve up to several thousand queries per second (for example, in the echo server mode), making it the best in terms of performance.

ProstoServer will benefit any developer who wants to build a server but doesn't have enough time to do it himself or doesn't want to spend money on hiring a programmer with good understanding of TCP/IP networking and programming language knowledge to develop it.


The ProstoServer library is distributed free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use.

The distribution package includes ProstoServer and samples: Echo, FileEcho and ProxyEcho that will demonstrate how to use the library.

Version Size 1.0.4 460 Kb

Source Code

You can buy the full source code of the ProstoServer library only for 150$. After purchasing, you will get an e-mail message with the full source code.

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